The Ultimate Showdown: Google Flights vs Skyscanner – Which is the Best Flight Search Engine?

Why do we compare them?

When it comes to booking flights, there are a plethora of options available to travelers. Two popular choices are Google Flights and Skyscanner. It is important to compare the two platforms as they both have their own unique features and benefits. By comparing the two, you can make an informed decision on which platform best suits your travel needs and preferences.

Additionally, by comparing them, you can also take advantage of the best deals and discounts offered by each platform. Ultimately, taking the time to compare Google Flights and Skyscanner can save you money and ensure that your travel experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Comparison of Google Flights and Skyscanner

First, let’s take a look at Google Flights. This platform is a part of Google’s travel suite of products and is integrated with other Google services such as Google Maps and Google Calendar. It also has a feature that allows users to track prices for specific flights or routes, and receive notifications when the price drops. Additionally, Google Flights has a very user-friendly interface and it is easy to search and compare prices.

Skyscanner, on the other hand, is known for its flexibility and ability to search for flights across multiple airlines and travel agencies. It also has a feature called “Everywhere” which allows users to search for flights to any destination from their current location. Furthermore, Skyscanner offers a wide range of filters for searching, such as the ability to search for flights based on the cheapest month or the shortest duration.

In terms of pricing, both Google Flights and Skyscanner offer competitive prices and generally have similar fare options. However, it is worth noting that Skyscanner offers a price alert feature, which allows users to set alerts for specific flights or routes and be notified when the price drops.

Another feature that sets Skyscanner apart is its “car hire” and “hotels” search options. These features allow users to book not just flights, but also car rentals and accommodations all in one platform. Google Flights, on the other hand, does not offer these options.

In terms of customer support, both platforms have extensive help centers and offer customer support via email and phone. However, Google Flights has an advantage in that it is a part of the larger Google ecosystem and thus can leverage the resources and support of the company.

Overall, both Google Flights and Skyscanner are great options for searching for flights. While Google Flights offers a more streamlined and user-friendly experience, Skyscanner offers more flexibility and options for searching and booking.

Let’s test them!

We are going to look for the best flights from Amsterdam to New York for this April. Let’s see what the flight search platforms are offering us:

Google Flights: After entering the airports we are looking for, we get to see the whole calendar month with the rates already visible for us to choose.

Google flight search

Skyscanner offers us the option to select the whole month we would like to check and also allows us to look into the rates quite quickly. Additionally, it is offering an additional tab to look for hotels!

Skyscanner flight searrch

If you look for specific dates and check the prices both flight search websites are offering:

  • AMS – NYC, 7/4-15/4 = 422 Euros in Skyscanner.
  • AMS – NYC, 7/4-15/4 = 422 Euros in Google Flights.

We get the same price from both flight search engine websites!


In conclusion, it is important to compare Google Flights and Skyscanner when searching for the best flight deals. Both platforms often provide similar rates and it ultimately comes down to personal preference in terms of navigation and user interface. By comparing the two, you can make an informed decision and ensure you are getting the best deal possible for your next trip. Whether you prefer the simplicity of Google Flights or the extensive search options of Skyscanner, both platforms are reliable and will help you find the perfect flight for your next escape.

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